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Welcome! [Feb. 16th, 2007|04:29 pm]
RoM: Naruto RP - OOC&App community
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Welcome to Remnants of Memories!  You can apply or reserve characters by replying to this thread.  You may reserve characters for up to one week before they are once again opened.  If you'd like to see the availability, please check here.

The application is as follows:

Your preferred nickname:
Messenger IDs:
Character Name:
Why this character?:
Brief character description:
Sexual / romantic preference:
Any additional comments or questions (for the hell of it?):
IC Roleplay sample [minimum of one paragraph (4+ sentences)]:

To contact me for whatever reason, feel free to do so at my LJ, email (memories_rp@yahoo.com) or on AIM (s ameliorer).

(The application was last updated 03-03-07.)

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[User Picture]From: elleestlimonade
2007-02-16 11:55 pm (UTC)

Sasuke app :D

Your Name/Nick: Megan
Age: 19
AIM Screename (if applicable): haircutofdevil
Character Applying For: Uchiha Sasuke
Why this character?: I chose Sasuke because he’s one of the more complex “villains” of Naruto. He is a character who has seen an unimaginable amount of hardship and has forced himself to become indifferent about the people he once worked with all for the ability to achieve his goal. I want to play him because I enjoy his personality and past, and think that I could do a decent job keeping him in character. ^^v
Allegiance (Leaf, Sand, Sound, Akatsuki, etc): Sound
Any previous roleplay experience? I played Sasuke once before in another comm here on lj. Also, I play Gaara in Invite the Night, Gaara and Hidan in Oshima High, and Gaara, Orochimaru, and the Akatsuki Leader at Majutsu Shi, where I am also a moderator.
Any additional comments for the hell of it?: Mm…Yay, Time Jump role play! :D
IC Roleplay sample [minimum of one paragraph (4+ sentences)]: The swing of his blade, the crackle of the chidori, the smell of charred flesh, the agonizing screams of his victims…by now, all of these sounds had become normal to Sasuke. It was easy for him, now a young man of fifteen, to kill a man, woman, or even child if need be, without remorse. At one point in his life, Sasuke had not been able to kill without emotion.
He had been a weak fool.
But now…now, he was strong. The powers Orochimaru had given him were unlike anything he would have gained if he had remained in Konoha with his so-called “team” None of them understood him. None of them really knew just what it was that he aspired to do.
If they tried to get in his way, he would eliminate them, too.

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From: saku_xx
2007-02-17 12:22 am (UTC)

Re: Sasuke app :D

Great! I really like your interpretation of Sasuke. I think you'll do just fine. I look forward to playing with you! ^^/

I'll send you an invitation to the community. Feel free to join both at your leisure. Hopefully we'll be able to start posting shortly!

If you have any questions, just let me know. ^^
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[User Picture]From: its_game_time
2007-02-18 12:33 am (UTC)

Kakashi app. ^^

Your Name/Nick: Phase

Age: 18

AIM Screename (if applicable): broknbutterfly45

Character Applying For: Hatake Kakashi

Why this character?: Because he's awesome? :D But really, I think I do a decent job RPing as him, and he's one of my favorite Naruto characters because of his personality--strong but humble, laid-back, mysterious--and the fact that he really loves and cares for his comrades. I think Kakashi's just a great character in general, and I love trying to put myself in his place and play as him. And I want to save him from being subjected to yaoi.

Allegiance (Leaf, Sand, Sound, Akatsuki, etc): Leaf

Romantic preference (men, women, neither): Women. Does the porn not give it away? D:

Any previous roleplay experience? Yes; Hatake Kakashi @ majutsu_shi, Uchiha Sasuke and Hidan @ circleobetrayal.

Any additional comments for the hell of it?: *thinks* ...Naw.

IC Roleplay sample [minimum of one paragraph (4+ sentences)]:

Kakashi flew through the treetops, his occasional pause of hitting, landing, and launching from a branch the only visible gap in his streak of speed. Beneath the tight grasp of his mask, his nose twitched as a familiar scent reached him.

To the right.

His hand was in his pouch, grasping one of the knives that rested there and whipping out with a flash of metal, fingers releasing the small shaft in the direction of his hidden pursuer. A rustle of leaves and a figure was made visible as it dodged the attack, exposing itself for less than a second, but that was all Kakashi needed. His mind working swiftly, he saw where his opponent would be in the next two—no, three seconds, and launched himself towards it with a small but effective speed burst.

Kakashi struck the branch, stood up, turned, and could see the pupils of his opponent contract in surprise in the brief instant before he raised his hand, catching the figure about the throat. In one swift movement, Kakashi brought his arm around and drove the enemy back-first into the tree’s trunk, hard enough to incite a loud thunk and a groan as the man was knocked out cold.

Turning his head so that his exposed eye could study the figure, Kakashi looked him over for a moment before releasing him.

This hadn’t taken as long as he’d thought.

Huzzah, action scenes!

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From: saku_xx
2007-02-18 01:15 am (UTC)

Re: Kakashi app. ^^

Nicely written. I like your descriptiveness here. ^^ Please reply here if you have a character journal for Kakashi (or should you make one), and I'll add you as soon as I get it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time! Hope to play with you soon ^-^/!
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[User Picture]From: shigeruhiko
2007-02-21 06:18 am (UTC)


Your Name/Nick: Tara, Senpai
Age: uhhh, 24
AIM Screename (if applicable): TerraNovaKnight
Character Applying For: Kabuto
Why this character?: Megan asked, and I would like the chance to play him as a ninja and conniving as opposed to cractastically at Oshima. (I hope mentioning Oshima doesn't automatically out me)
Allegiance (Leaf, Sand, Sound, Akatsuki, etc): For all intents and purposes, Sound. In reality? Himself.
Romantic preference (men, women, neither): He prefers whatever will get him what he wants, I suppose. How can he use said preference towards his goals?
Any previous roleplay experience? Tabletop--playing and running a game (playing more then running), on LJ--Back in the Day: Jiraiya and Kakashi, Oshima: Izumo and Kabuto, Eloquent Society: Kakashi and Kisame.
Any additional comments for the hell of it?: Sure. I am very excited to rp Kabuto in a canon setting, cause I think he's one of the most interesting characters on the 'villans' side. In the anime, when we discover he's working for Orochimaru, my love for him doubled. That said, I don't think that his loyalty towards Orochimaru is unwavering, and I look forward to playing with that. ^_^ I also live in Japan, so please pardon the wonky timezones. and just because I tend to play gay characters, does not mean this one will be. asexual is what I am going for here
IC Roleplay sample [minimum of one paragraph (4+ sentences)]:
My current experiment for Orochimaru-sama seems to be going well, not that he's noticed. He's been teaching that Uchiha something recently, and asked me not to watch.

Not that I usually do, I am often busy with things that are not training his new body. I am intruiged, however, that he asked me not to come this time.

I wonder what that man is up to.

Not that it really matters, I am only interested in so far as that I am curious; strictly forbidding me to come and watch or help is not something that usually happens. And as time draws near for Orochimaru to change bodies, or that he can change bodies, I wonder what exactly he has planned for Sasuke. For I am not so sure that it is in his best interests to let the boy have what he wants.

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From: saku_xx
2007-02-21 09:31 am (UTC)

Re: Kabuto

I'm looking forward to seeing your Kabuto at work! He is one of my favorites (I have a soft spot for him *fangirlish sigh*). Please reply here with your character journal, and I'll be sure to add you.

Any questions, comments, etc - just let me know! :)
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[User Picture]From: stakeh
2007-02-24 06:20 pm (UTC)

Itachi App, at last

Your Name/Nick: Stakeh
Age: 14
IM Screename (if applicable): weaselhime
Character Applying For: Uchiha Itachi

Why this character?: He was my first, and I feel I fit him best. It was actually a struggle to pick between a couple of characters, as I liked them all quite a bit, but in the end, he won over. He’s pretty complex to write, and it’s a challenge to even get his words and structure right. It’s difficult to play someone so silent, as even in a social involvement, he wouldn’t have very much to do with it at all. Itachi has a lot of secrets to him, and for this it’s often hard to portray him without skipping something vital or changing something entirely, along with the basic facts we all know from the manga. He’s pretty much open to anyone’s own interpretation when they play him, and for that reason is easy to misconceive. But he’s grown on me, and I’m totally into applying for him every chance I get if he’s free, which is probably why he got my vote in the end.

Allegiance (Leaf, Sand, Sound, Akatsuki, etc): Akatsuki. Leader-sama, respectively.

Romantic preference (men, women, neither): Neither, unless it is beneficial to him in some way. Itachi is an opportunistic, and romance is usually nothing to him.

Any previous roleplay experience?: Yes. I am Itachi at a couple of other places, including majutsu_shi, ourabsinthehaze, and jutsu_masters. Haku also at majutsu_shi. Sasuke at invitenight_rpg.

Any additional comments for the hell of it?: Nope.

IC Roleplay sample [minimum of one paragraph (4+ sentences)]:

A look to the right, and you become a liar. A look to the left, and you speak the truth.

He used to think it true, that little bit of logic. That while talking to someone, even asking a question, you can tell by their eyes if they speak honestly. 'A look to the right, and you become a liar...'

Faintly, he can recall practicing this with members of the Uchiha clan, purposely asking questions about undisclosed missions that they had no permission to converse about in such an open manner with anyone beside the captain of their division themselves. A majority had looked in every which direction as they tried to escape the scrutiny that he kept them under with the gaze of his Sharingan received at too early an age. Some had looked primarily to the right, some primarily to the left. None had held his gaze.

He supposes he knows the reason as to why, but doesn’t care too much of the answer either way. Let those who wish to be cowards bask in their ignorance. Let those who wish to challenge the indefinite be compelled to death.

Scowling at the darkness ahead of the trail before him, Itachi wraps his cloak tighter to conceal his discontentment; the emblem of the Akatsuki stitched into the cloth vividly bright under the moon and red eyes whirling leisurely as he continues on. The faint chime of bells can be heard, but only if one knows what to listen for. As it is, most don’t.

Though it doesn’t matter who dares to look him in the eye anymore, he muses, because whether they speak the truth or whether they lie right through their teeth, he has no mercy.
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From: saku_xx
2007-02-24 07:12 pm (UTC)

Re: Itachi App, at last

I'm very interested in seeing your Itachi in action! :) He is one of those characters you can't help but become interested in. Welcome to the community!

Please reply here with your character journal and feel free to join memories_rp! Remember to join this comm. too!

Looking forward to playing with you! Any questions, just let me know.
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[User Picture]From: tsuyosaoboetai
2007-03-06 03:35 am (UTC)

Shika 1

Your preferred nickname: Jayden

Age: Old… aka, 17

Messenger IDs: AIM; meagnstXthemusic

Character Name: Nara Shikamaru

Why this character?: Intelligent, so sexy when he smiles, kicks ass, loyal, brave, and all around amazing. I’ve liked Shika since the beginning, though not as much as currently in the Post TS.

Brief character description: Shikamaru is a lazy and aloof genius, while on one hand everything seems “troublesome,” on the other he does what’s right using amazing wit and strategy. He’s very much the opposite of enthusiastic and would rather laze around all day watching clouds or napping, however, he does enjoy a rousing game of Shogi. Until forcibly put into an active situation that he needs to participate, he’ll sit and sit and sit, not taking a care to help around. Along with his lounging habits, when he is in fact pushed into a moment where actually moving is required, Shikamaru might just be heard muttering “mendokuse” and even on frequent terms.
But, Shikamaru is not to back from a fight as he has a strong sense of judgement and moral. This is most especially true when it comes to friends or teammates (of any assortment), and he will even give up himself if the time arises. Speaking of friends, Choji and Ino are both apart of his usual team and closest friends. He trusts them without a shadow of a doubt and the three of them pull off unmatched skill. He lives in the most lax of ways, but some may argue that by not doing something he is only causing himself more trouble than it was in the beginning.
He doesn’t like to hurt women, finding that more than a waste of energy it just is not his style. While he broke his own rule when battling Kin in the Exams, he later follows up his word when fighting Temari and forfeiting rather than attacking her completely, even if he’d already won. Through his massive amount of strategic ability displayed, Shikamaru was the only one of this Exam to become a Chunin while the rest of the entrants had to compete later.

Sexual / romantic preference: Women.

Any additional comments or questions (for the hell of it?): I’m a junior that totally sucks at exponents, I’m working on costumes for all shows put on at my HS, and aspire to be a costumier. I’ve been creative writing for about seven years and completed NaNoWriMo in 2006.
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[User Picture]From: tsuyosaoboetai
2007-03-06 03:36 am (UTC)

Shika 2

IC Roleplay sample [minimum of one paragraph (4+ sentences)]:
Can’t I have a day off?

No, of course not. Shikamaru wasn’t allowed a day off with mysterious plot beginning to rise against Konoha. No longer did he have time to lounge around, to lazy and be boring, to watch the clouds or nap. He wasn’t given the time of day, or night for that matter, to sit and even trouble himself with thinking. It seemed like for a week on end he was going here or there, escorting him or her, standing on his tired feet all day. Hour after hour he would blink, sometimes on the verge of falling asleep, rooted to the stop, with drooping eyelids. Ugh… pain in the ass.

“Yes, ma’am, I understand your cat is important to you. Yes… hmmm. I know.” The young Chunin muttered with hands in his pockets as he leaned back in his casual manner, eyes half lidded as he listened to the woman rant on and on about her cat. So this is the kind of mission Tsunade-sama thought was suiting of his skills? Bah, that woman didn’t want him sitting around. She could have, in the least, given him something a bit more challenging.

“We will get your cat back, ma’am.” He continued, hand rising and scratching at the back of his head as his lazy eyes looked around for some sign of the animal. Honestly…

And that was when they heard it, the tiny mew of a sound from somewhere far off. Or muffled greatly. Raising a brow in question, Shikamaru strolled toward the house and squat down near a crate sitting outside. Dark eyes peering in between the long horizontal wood paneling and behind the crate itself, his orbs caught sight of a small but fuzzy feline. Her usually white fur was coated over in dust giving it a sandy yellow color, and she was shaking nonstop.

With an inaudible sigh to those around him, the young Nara set himself on his knees and moved the various crates and product slowly. Doing so caused the cat to back away into a small square hole in the side of the building, luckily it wasn’t much deeper than one of Shikamaru’s arms. After numerous scratches and various angry hisses, the feline was saved. Immediately upon being out of the hole and struggling from Shikamaru’s arms she jumped at her owner who smiled happily and caught the feisty animal.

Shikamaru barely heard the woman’s thanks, his mind already running off elsewhere with his head tilted back and eyes staring up into the blue sky. Not a cloud in sight, how annoying.

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From: saku_xx
2007-03-06 04:01 am (UTC)

Re: Shika 2

*cheers victoriously* Yaaay, Shika-kun...! ^^/

Looking forward to playing with you :3

Reply here with your character journal!
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From: damnedavenger
2007-03-06 04:29 pm (UTC)

Gaara <3

Your preferred nickname: Megan (AGAIN!)
Age: 19
Messenger IDs: AIM: haircutofdevil MSN: minstrelsrock@hotmail.com
Character Name: Sabaku no Gaara
Why this character?: BECAUSE GAARA IS MY FAV. No, really, to me, Gaara is one of the most interesting characters in the series. He started out as somewhat of a villain, though unlike the rest of the villains, he was not desirous…and after meeting and fighting with Naruto, he really tried to turn his life around. Gaara had to be very determined to change his ways, and obviously, after becoming Kazekage, he was able to do just that.
Brief character description: Gaara is the Kazekage of Suna and the jinchuuriki of the one-tailed beast, Shukaku. He started out simply as a tool for his father, the former Kazekage, but after going to Konoha’s chuunin exams and fighting against Naruto, Gaara had a revelation. His father was dead…and he needed to make a change…
Sexual / romantic preference: In no way is Gaara a sexual creature. He has very warped views about love and therefore has no real preference. His lack of experience of any real affection has left him unsure about any sort of love at all.
Any additional comments or questions (for the hell of it?): SOOBAKOU KYEW. :D
IC Roleplay sample [minimum of one paragraph (4+ sentences)]:
The day he became the Kazekage was the day Gaara knew his life had changed completely. He did not know how it would be different; there was no way he could have expected the changes that would occur. Baki had warned him that taking up such a position could put the entire village at risk.
Gaara’s answer to that was that the village had been at risk since the day he was born. His blunt words were usually unwelcome, but Baki could not argue with that.
Of all things, Gaara wanted to prove to Suna that he was not a monster. He wanted to protect the village…and he wanted to be like Uzumaki Naruto.
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From: saku_xx
2007-03-07 02:05 am (UTC)

Re: Gaara <3

Accepted (of course!) DESSERT COFFIN AHOY.

Let me know what your character journal is and I'll add ya right up baby cakes! <3
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[User Picture]From: stakeh
2007-03-06 10:38 pm (UTC)

Temari App :D Part 1

Your preferred nickname: Stakeh
Age: 14
Messenger IDs: AIM: weaselhime, AmaterasuCurse
Character Name: Sabaku no Temari

Why this character?: I’ve never played a woman before. :D Variety, basically. Temari seems like wicked fun. I've played both Gaara and Kankurou before -- why not try their lovely older sister~? A change in pace is good.

Brief character description: Temari is a strong, hard-headed person, but never to the point that it endangers those that are close to her in any way. She cares deeply for her brothers, especially, and feels it is her responsibility to ensure that the two of them get into the least amount of trouble possible. As well, she's generally more of an extrovert, speaking her mind when she deems it necessary and inputing her opinion whether those around want it or not. But personality aside, Temari is a ruthless fighter as well as a keen analyst. She has the ability to deduce her opponent's weaknesses and strategies through experience, and can sometimes draw information soon after a battle begins.

Sexual / romantic preference: Le dudes. :D Preferrably to red wine, roses, and a nice, juicy steak. I enjoy long walks on the beach and...

Any additional comments or questions (for the hell of it?): Nope not really.
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[User Picture]From: stakeh
2007-03-06 10:39 pm (UTC)

Part 2

IC Roleplay sample [minimum of one paragraph (4+ sentences)]:

Curiously enough, it seemed like this man was against her.

Annoyed, Temari drilled her fingertips against the glossy desk, glancing down at her reflection before looking away. She had to keep a straight face. Somehow. This was no time to let her current irritation get the best of her. She wasn't about to lose her head over some worthless argument like this. No way.

"So you're saying it's our fault," she heard off to her left, coming from her just-as-equally annoyed, if not more, brother.

"That is exactly what I am saying."

"Sir, if you wouldn't mind me as to be so bold, but I would like to inform you that we do not control the weather, contrary to popular belief. We don't make miracles here either. Increasing the weekly feed off of the water reserves is not going to make much of a difference, besides the fact that your happy little wife may be able to take a hot bubble bath every single day," Temari spoke briskly, earning a snicker from her brother, though the interruption went overall ignored. "We understand that perhaps this may soothe some matters, but you must realize that others will quickly arise. It isn't even hardly the season yet. What do you expect us to do when a serious storm rolls through? Cut off the emercency taps because we've run out of water? That is not an option."

Silence fell heavily, and then the man was scowling again. "I would like to file a complaint to the Kazekage himself, then--"

"Oh shove it," Temari muttered under her breath, waving him off before turning to leave the room, leaving Kankurou to finish up the job of handling him. Usually she wasn't so short-tempered when it came to dealing with the bitchy, self-absorbed people who seemed to stroll in here on a daily basis, spouting mostly nonsense. But enough was enough. Today had already started off pretty nasty for her; that man wasn't going to make it worse. "I'm going on break," she said swiftly to one of the workers idling about in the front office, and heaving a sigh, Temari reached for her fan. Once it was strapped onto her back properly, she hurried out of the building and out into the scalding glare of the sun above.

To her right, a crowd of schoolkids, bickering with one another and at the same time laughing, ran toward her, each individually nursing their own quickly-melting ice cream cone. She moved to take a step back, but as the group flew by, one precariously held cone shed several droplets of chocolate ice cream in her direction. Temari's eyed widened as they managed to fleck the front of her kimono, the big blotches almost unbearably noticeable, and then cursed something livid under her breath. The boy kept running, heedless of his accident and not stopping to offer an apology.

She could not believe her luck. Could not believe her luck. Oh, this day was out to kill her -- that much was for sure.

Attempting to wipe some of the chocolate off with one of her gloves, Temari treaded down the street once more, still fuming heatedly. Maybe she would stop and treat herself to some vegetable and avocado soup. That sounded pretty good about now... Paperwork and pushy citizens could wait, for the love of God.

Yes. Some soup would be in order.
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From: saku_xx
2007-03-07 02:07 am (UTC)

Re: Part 2


That's what I would say if it were opposite day. Luckily for you, chichi, it's not! ^^ Let me know what your character journal is, and I'll add you up.
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From: songmiko
2007-03-22 10:32 am (UTC)


Your preferred nickname: songmiko
Age: 14
MSN: song.unheard@hotmail.com
Character Name: Hyuuga Hinata
Why this character?:
Because I like Hinata; she isn't one of those characters that take up a lot of the limelight, and that is the kind of character that I take more interest in. Also, she resembles me somewhat, so I think I can do a decent job roleplaying her.
Brief character description:
Hinata is Hiashi's eldest child and the successor of the Hyuuga Clan. She is gentle and shy, however, unlike the bold and authorative heiress that she is expected to be. Her self-esteem is rather low; she gets very disappointed in herself and doubtful of her abilities whenever her father (or anyone, for this matter) lectures her for being weak.
Sexual / romantic preference:
Hinata admires Naruto who, unlike her, refuses to let any setback dampen his spirits and is forever determined to work harder to get everybody to recognise his existence. It is from him that she draws her courage and motivation to not give up, even though the situation is bleak.
Any additional comments or questions (for the hell of it?):
Um, no?

IC Roleplay sample [minimun of one paragraph (4+ sentences)]:

"You have the blood of the Hyuuga Clan running through your veins; why can't you at least live up to that name? At this rate, you're never going to catch up with Neji, and now even Hanabi is better than you."

Hinata knew; she had known all long that her father would say that, but she was never fully prepared. The wave of humiliation and degradation that had washed over her so many times before hit her again, though the impact seemed to have dulled somewhat over time. She no longer cried in front of her father, but she still felt as miserable as she had when she was younger. No, she felt worse now, now that she was older and the pressure exerted upon her as a heiress had increased.

But she must not give up; she could not give up. She wanted to be like Naruto, who refused to let any setback daunt him and would always try and work harder, just to get others to acknowledge his existence and his strength. Hinata smiled slightly at the thought; she was going to be like Naruto some day, and prove herself worthy of her position.

One day, she would be good enough to be who she was meant to be ... or maybe better.

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From: saku_xx
2007-03-22 11:37 am (UTC)

Re: Hinata

Welcome to the community - you've been accepted! Please reply here with your character journal and you'll be admitted a.s.a.p.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line. *^v^*
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[User Picture]From: rejects
2007-03-23 01:36 am (UTC)

Hidan Part Une!

Your preferred nickname: Sasha. (but you can still call me Temama too ;P)

Age: 19~

Messenger IDs:
AIM: tesseninthesand
MSN: sasha_no_da@hotmail.com
Y!: californiasky05
Email: tesseninthesand@gmail.com

Character Name: Hidan

Why this character?: Be...cause...I'm a fangirl? :DD In all seriousness now. It's been quite some time since I played a baddie, and I really enjoyed it last time, so I think I would again, and it's always good to branch out~

Brief character description: While he may not be the smartest at times, often running into things head first and letting his pride get the better of him, he makes up for it in his resilience and apparent inability to die. His weapon of choice, a three-bladed scythe, may be a little cumbersome and certainly slows him down, but he does have a few tricks up his sleeve. Off the battlefield, he thinks way too highly of himself and is fervently religious to a frightening degree-- even more so when you see what happens behind the scenes. He can be snarky, and witty when he's lucky, but it's not hard to one up him in
a battle of wits, as he can sometimes have a bit of a temper, causing him to argue irrationally. However, he's not entirely stupid and knows when he needs to sit down and shut up.

Sexual / romantic preference: None what-so-ever, minus the Jesusgasms. While he may have his own standards of beauty and the like, he's not interested in women-- or men-- at this point in time.

Any additional comments or questions (for the hell of it?): What is love? (baby, don't hurt me...)
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[User Picture]From: rejects
2007-03-23 01:38 am (UTC)

Hidan Part Deux!

IC Roleplay sample [minimum of one paragraph (4+ sentences)]:

It was so easy to catch them-- by an arm, by the loose cloth of their dress,whatever he could grab hold to. Why did they run, when they knew it was futile? They were simple villagers, sometimes no more than prostitutes, and the streetlights were not so dim that they couldn't see his slashed forehead protector, nor the pattern on his coat. It always went the same, too. They stood there, frozen in fear, and he smirked inwardly feeling like this time it would be easy. But then, only a few steps away, they would run-- or try to. He always caught them, always, and a simple blow to the head or pressure applied to the right spot was more than enough to shut them up. And he'd always think to himself, what a futile, moronic attempt it had been. And as he made his way back to--wherever, camp, a sleazy hotel, wherever they'd been put up for the night--no one dared give him a second glance, although some certainly went to call for help the second he was out of view.

Tonight was no different. She apparently tried to scream as he caught her wrist, but nothing came out, and sure enough in a matter of minutes, her world went black. She was almost pretty, he mused to himself. Not one of those sleazy whores, but more likely somebody's girlfriend or wife, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was curvy, none too scrawny, with a mess of blonde hair tied up haphazardly. As he threw her over his shoulder, he mused on why she had been out here so late at night...maybe she'd been on her way to pick up something soothing for her ill husband. It was about as unlikely as it was likely, but giving them a life story made the deal that much sweeter. Like he wasn't just killing some shell of a human, no, there was some substance there, something sure to please his God.

The effort of a passerby to call for help, as always was simply...pointless. He would be gone before anyone of challenge could get there. The local police were helpless against him and his...his brood. (what else could he call them? Comrades was such a misleading term...) And such a town was too far from any Hidden Village to be of any help. Utterly pointless. But then again, so was waiting for that night's victim to regain consciousness. But he always did. A few messy strands of hair had fallen into her face, but she made no move to remedy this as her blue eyes fluttered open. A relieved look washed over her face though as he grinned down at her. What he intended to be sly, conniving, must have come off as comforting or playful, because they always seemed to think they had gotten off the hook, that thank the gods I'm still alive look plastered across their faces. But if that's what they were thinking, they were certainly thanking the wrong gods, as the cold steel of his dagger pierced some vital spot. Whether they died from the shock or from the blood loss, he frankly didn't care, but he always noticed that most of the time they retained that peaceful look. And wasn't that was those selfish, material bastards wanted? To die happy, or to have others think that they had? Idiots, every one of them. From what he had seen and heard during the day, it was apparent that none of the could be saved. All the more eternal glory for me, he thought as he went through the motions, everything sure to make this at least a decent sacrifice, in the absence of so many key elements--an altar, a proper prayed circle, among others. Just one of the many things he hated about traveling, but he was sure it could be forgiven in light of spreading the good word.

He was never polite enough to clean up after he left, and nor was he this instance, swiftly making his retreat, meeting back up with Kakuzu who simply shook his head, another common occurrence. But even he could always be sated by the fact that there would be no hotel bill awaiting in the morning, as it was sure to be through the roof, what with the bloodstains and all. Truce in place, they set off into the night, back in search of their real target.

As memories may be a paradise from which we cannot be driven, they may also be a hell from which we cannot escape.
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[User Picture]From: homeostatis
2007-04-07 09:07 pm (UTC)
Your preferred nickname: Clio~ although I’d love to be called “Sasori-mun” someday. :D

Age: “I am __ going on 17~”

Messenger IDs: clioheika (AIM)

Character Name: Akasuna no Sasori~ or, as Deidara fondly calls him, Sasori no danna

Why this character?: Because he’s The Shiz. Er. I mean, I can identify with his cranky character. He’s got a very dominant character, which is usually very fun for me because I like being mean asserting dominance is part of my job as the youngest of 5 kids. I’ve also played Deidara (FUN) so Sasori would be an interesting new character for me to tackle. I’ve been the happy behind the cranky for a while now, I’d love to give the other side a shot~ (Besides, I’m an old man at heart. Serious things become me and I’ve been in need of a serious RP for a while now.)

Brief character description: Sasori in a nutshell: cranky, hates being tardy, hates being left waiting, demands perfection and a constant state of readiness, and (from subtle clues I’ve gathered throughout the show) fancies himself an artist. He used to be a Suna nin, having left his hometown 20 years prior to the original storyline. It’s speculated that his descent into darkness began when he was young, having lost his parents to the war (and one to Kakashi’s dad, as it so happens). He’s a tad on the cranky side, with the tendency to berate and argue with his younger partner. Sasori is also, from what I can see, a bit of an obsessive perfectionist; the whole “turning himself into a puppet” thing kind of gave this away. He uses puppets (and, on occasion, himself but that still counts as a puppet) when he fights, but you probably knew that already.

Sexual / romantic preference: PUPPET. Libido: nonexistent.

Any additional comments or questions (for the hell of it?): Sometimes I hear the sun. *_*

IC Roleplay sample [minimum of one paragraph (4+ sentences)]:

He scowled into his mask, glaring into the distance. The brat was taking too long, far too long in his opinion. This would have all been over in a flash (no pun intended) had Deidara taken his advice and prepared more of his explosive clay beforehand. One of these days, the blond would find himself in a difficult situation and Sasori would not be there to help him out of it. His lack of preparation, not his art, would be the cause of the Iwa nin’s downfall.

But he digressed. The lack of activity was making his mind wander.

Hulking body (Hiruko was his body, if not his art) turning away slightly from the sight of Deidara speeding through the sky with a large body of sand pursing him (the Ichibi was in control of chakra-heavy sand, he took note. He also kept track of how fast Deidara was going in relation to what seemed like the sand’s fastest possible speed), he located two messengers making their way towards him.

Sasori slid into the shadows, tensing slightly and preparing to slash into the two unsuspecting shinobi. They’d never know what hit them.

Memories~ ^^
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[User Picture]From: homeostatis
2007-04-07 09:08 pm (UTC)
*whispers* Sorry that took so long, dear.
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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: katia_san
2007-04-21 04:17 pm (UTC)

Ino Application~ [Part I]

Your Preferred Nickname: Katia

Age: Fourteen

Messenger IDs:
AIM: IBClosetPerv
MSN: gullwee@hotmail.com
Email: gullwee@hotmail.com

Character Name: Yamanaka Ino

Why This Character?: Why Ino? Why Ino?! Hmm – first thing I gotta say is, Ino is freaking awesome. I have a soft spot for the Sasuke fangirls. But I think the real reason I’ve taken a liking for Ino is because she is almost the exact opposite of who I am, yet at the same time, we have some things in common. If she were real, I’d probably hate her guts! And that’s probably part of it, too. She’s boy-crazy (SasuIno, anyone?), I’m asexual; she’s outgoing and I’m shy; she’s girly, I’m a tomboy. I find it very refreshing (not to mention, soooooo much fun) to write or RP someone who is unlike me. It’s like escaping myself for a while and becoming a whole different person. You could say it’s kind of like when Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man!

Brief Character Description: Here ya go!

No, I’m kidding. But, honestly, who needs myapplication when you’ve got Wikipedia? Okay. Serious time now.

Ino could be described as an outgoing, feminine extravert who enjoys love, competition, and flower arranging. She is a popular girl who takes special care concerning her appearance. She diets often to keep her outrageously skinny figure. Ino has a strong fighting spirit and can’t stand to lose to her rivals, or, rather, Haruno Sakura. In battle, Ino uses her family’s special jutsu, Shintenshin no Jutsu, aka the Mind Body Switch Technique. She also is able to use some fairly limited medical jutsu, but is not excellent with it and uses it sparingly.

When Ino is not fulfilling her kunoichi responsibilities, she can usually be found working in her family’s flower shop. Since she was a young child, Ino has had an aptitude for flower arranging and the language of flowers.

Another lifelong passion of Ino’s would be none other than Uchiha Sasuke. She has had a major crush on him since her early childhood, which even lead to her split with her former best friend, Sakura. She still has intense feelings for him, even after his leaving from Konoha three years ago. Ino cannot bear to lose when it comes to romance, either.


Her sensei, Asuma, also recognizes that there is yet another side to Ino: she has an innately sweet and caring nature. Her asks her to take care of Shikamaru and Chouji after his passing, showing that he knows she can be compassionate to others when she wants to be.

All things considered, one could come to the conclusion that Ino is a fairly typical girl with a multi-faceted personality. Ino is a dreamer, striving for success; an extravert, enjoying company; and a florist, using her talents to create beauty. But more importantly, she is a kunoichi with a heart that will never give up.

Sexual/Romantic Preference: Boy (and girl) CRAZY! :9
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[User Picture]From: katia_san
2007-04-21 04:20 pm (UTC)

Ino Application~ [Part II]

IC Roleplay Sample:

Ino stepped out of the stuffy warmth of the apartment above the Yamanaka flower shop and into the relative cool of the fresh morning air. The patio was a welcome change from the cramped indoors. In her hands she nursed a steaming mug of tea, still too hot to sip. Sighing in pleasure at the chill misty air, she leaned on her elbows against the wooden railing overlooking the village. Absently she gazed at the rising sun, the growing crowds, everything. This was what she had woken up for; the peace and freshness of the dawn was, in her opinion, the most beautiful time of day.

Then she noticed the steam trailing out of her tea mug.

Frowning, her azure eyes followed the steam as it ghosted up, up, up; then dissolved into the sky. Her frown morphed into a saddened gaze.

Steam looks too much like smoke.

Smoke reminded her of a certain person. A person whose memory was still too painful to relive.

Ino clenched her jaw and watched the dark tea cascade to the city streets as she overturned her mug in the air.

He was gone and all that steam could bring back was memories.

Any Additional Comments or Questions (For the Hell of It?): Writing flat-out ANGST is incredibly fun. :D And even if I don’t get accepted, I had a BLAST writing this application!

Erm, is this where I'm supposed to say "Memories" or something like that? I've seen people saying "Mem-o-ries~" and "Memories" and stuff like that, but I read through the rules twice and couldn't find a keyword ;__; Forgive me...
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From: saku_xx
2007-04-21 11:22 pm (UTC)

Re: Ino Application~ [Part II]

^^ Yes, angst can be fun~!
I'm looking forward to seeing your Ino-chan in action. (Pig girl.)

Please make a character journal and join the communities. Remember to post to the contact information thread!

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. <3
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