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The village of Konoha has lived in relative peace for the past two years - things have continued on as they have and as they will. Yet... a darkness looms on the horizon with Akatsuki lurking from the shadows, manipulating the world at their whim as they attempt to extract the Tailed Beasts from their jinchuuriki hosts. Sasuke remains within the hands of Orochimaru, leaving Naruto and Sakura wishing after him, growing stronger to reclaim their misguided friend, and stave away the darkness growing inside of him. Will the villages work together, and fight back this growing threat? Or will they fall victim of it together? Will Team Seven be reunited as they're meant to be - or will circumstances keep them ripped apart?

This is where our story begins.

Welcome to Remnants of Memories OOC community!
This is where you can apply to join the community, or post anything related to the RP that doesn't belong within it. If you want to know more about RoM, please visit the main community at memories_rp, and check out our character availability.

Please submit the following application here!

Your preferred nickname: What you'd like to be called - your mun name.
Age: How old you are. (This won't weigh negatively against you, we're just curious.)
Messenger IDs: AIM, YIM, MSN, etc. At least one is necessary.
Character Name: The name of the character you're applying for.
Why this character?: Give a brief reason why you enjoy playing this character.
Brief character description: Personality, background, etc. Doesn't need to be a novel; a paragraph will do!
Sexual / romantic preference: Men, women, both, neither.
IC Roleplay sample [minimum of one paragraph (4+ sentences)]: Provide a sample of RP, third person perspective & past tense in character. It can by of any scenario or situation of your choosing, preferrably a realistic situation your character has or will face.

Once finished, please write "memories" at the bottom, below your sample, to signify you read the rules of the community and agree to comply! If you are accepted, please create a character journal and post your contact information here.

[App form last updated April 12th, 2007.]

Any questions, concerns, or comments?
Feel free to contact saku_xx @ memories_rp@yahoo.com, or on AIM (s ameliorer).