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>__ [May. 29th, 2007|08:23 pm]
RoM: Naruto RP - OOC&App community



*waves* Hi all! This is your friendly neighbourhood Ino, posting to say...

...We are so dead.

;__; I love you guys too much to see this comm go in the gutter. So, in a desperate attempt to entertain myself revive this place, I bring you the Twenty Questions Meme!!

I stole this from taiyou_to_tsuki , who stole it from acerbitas , who stole it from someone else (probably) etc... I made a few modifications to adapt the meme to the setting of Naruto.

I've already filled it out and posted it to my own character journal. If anyone feels like doing it for themselves, by all means, go ahead. ;P I'm not gonna force anyone to fill it out. I'm just trying to do what I can to keep this comm afloat.

Here, have a blank one if you want to do it: (HTML codes included!) ...Have fun? ;3

PS. Hay guys. Sorry about the live thread. I keep disappearing...I've been waiting for others to have a shot. If you really, really want me to post, by all means, just poke me on AIM or otherwise tell me. It won't be a problem and I won't hate you. :3

To the mods, go ahead and delete this if it's unwanted. I can also delete the post in my own journal as well. =) Not a big deal.

**EDIT: I have no idea what is up with my code. I'll get that fixed ASAP!**