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Friend Add // Contact Info [Mar. 3rd, 2007|09:26 am]
RoM: Naruto RP - OOC&App community
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To add all the members of the community to your friend list, copy the below, then paste it here.

Friend add blade_of_konoha
Friend add damnedavenger
Friend add hebi_sannin
Friend add no_ones_man
Friend add saku_xx
Friend add sukebe_sennin 
Friend add waysidespirals 
Friend add rom_danzou
Friend add sir_leader_xx
Friend add keima_of_konoha
Friend add desertsplinter
Friend add windinghearts
Friend add gentle_sunlight
Friend add deus_ex_nihilo
Friend add kosumo_no_kaika
Friend add resealed
Friend add picturebooknin
Friend add gyokunyored
Friend add kibakuendo

Itachi journal: waysidespirals
Mun: Stacie
Email: kyuubi_danna@yahoo.com
AIM: weaselhime, amaterasucurse

Kakashi journal: blade_of_konoha 
Mun: Phase
Email: ragin_wolverine@yahoo.com
AIM: broknbutterfly45; YIM: ragin_wolverine

Kabuto journal: no_ones_man 
Mun: Tara
Email: ruka_and_alex@yahoo.com
AIM: TerraNovaKnight; MSN: shigeruhiko@hotmail.com

Sasuke journal: damnedavenger 
Mun: Megan
Email: amourmana@aol.com
AIM: haircutofdevil; MSN: minstrelsrock@hotmail.com 

Gaara journal:desertsplinter
Mun: Megan
Email: amourmana@aol.com
AIM: haircutofdevil MSN: minstrelsrock@hotmail.com

Orochimaru journal: hebi_sannin 
Mun: Mako
Email: lv99butler@yahoo.com
AIM: s ameliorer; MSN: sameliorer@hotmail.com

Sakura journal: saku_xx 
Mun: Mako
Email: lv99butler@yahoo.com
AIM: s ameliorer; MSN sameliorer@hotmail.com

Jiraiya journal: sukebe_sennin 
Mun: Andy
AIM: manicandykun

Shikamaru journal: keima_of_konoha
Mun: Jayden
Email: Pacolorgrd181@aol.com
AIM: meagnstxthemusic

Hinata journal: gentle_sunlight
Mun: Songmiko
MSN: tsukikage-@hotmail.com

Hidan journal: deus_ex_nihilo
Mun: Sasha
Email: tesseninthesand@gmail.com
AIM: tesseninthesand; MSN: sasha_no_da@hotmail.com; YIM: californiasky05

Naruto journal: resealed
Mun: Li
AIM: Tailed Beast

Sai journal: picturebooknin
Mun: Jenny
MSN: radioactive_hampster@hotmail.com ; AIM: saiheartzj00
Email: radioactive_hampster@hotmail.com

Ino journal: kosumo_no_kaika
Mun: Katia
E-Mail: gullwee@hotmail.com
AIM: IBClosetPerv ; MSN: gullwee@hotmail.com

Deidara journal: kibakunendo
Mun: Terra
Email: michelangelo.city@gmail.com
AIM: drill shot

Sasori journal: gyokunyored
Mun: Clio
Email: getaboshi_tencho@yahoo,com
AIM: clioheika


From: blade_of_konoha
2007-03-10 10:48 pm (UTC)
Thank you, Sakura, for the convenience; I'm rather delayed in pointing this out, but under the friend add, Sasuke's journal should be "damnedavenger." You're missing an 'n,' is all. ^_^
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From: saku_xx
2007-03-10 11:39 pm (UTC)
Ehehe, thanks for that, I didn't catch it... (That's what I get for writing it up at the wee morning hours!). Fixed!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: gentle_sunlight
2007-04-02 12:12 pm (UTC)

change of email

Now it's tsukikage-@hotmail.com. Could you change it please? Sorry for the inconvenience.
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From: resealed
2007-04-25 12:32 am (UTC)
Okay, I have no clue what just happened there. u__u

Take #2:

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